I Used To Write About Comics

I’m David, and I used to write about comics!

You can find me online under the name David Brothers. In addition to 4thletter.net, the long-running comics blog I co-created with Gavin Jasper (currently of Den of Geek US), I freelanced for a few comics sites, the most notable of which was ComicsAlliance. CA is gone now, after having been shuttered twice. I was let go the first time and didn’t return when the site was sold to new owners.

In my time, I wrote over three hundred pieces, some of which are pretty good. I dug up the ones I liked, turned them to PDFs, and compiled them into this free project, I Used To Write About Comics.

These pieces range from early 2010 to mid-2013, a four-year span in which I was particularly active. They’re old, in other words, and most of the headlines are bad. I’ve grown past some of the ideas, but some of the writing still clicks for me. If you’re the type of person who likes reading comics criticism…well, here you go. I interviewed artists, taught myself how to talk about art by doing it, and had a chance to do some real navel-gazing in public.

Special thanks to David Uzumeri, my co-conspirator for the unfortunately titled 2 Davids, 1 Book series, which was definitely a highlight of my time freelancing about comics.

You can find the free project here, or via the embed below.

david brothers, april 2017